Taking into consideration the demand for quality content for children and having extensive experience in this area, Gagik Buniatyan and Ruben Tumanyan decided to join forces and create a PS studio.
Our team actualized projects, which are very popular and beloved by children and adults until today - "Musical Alphabet" and "Singing Numbers". All the team member themselves, during more than 30 years, realized a lot of projects for kids : "Tchstik-Pstik", "Hapet Show", "Anahit" cartoon, and also Junior Eurovision 2011 held in Armenia and so on.
Musical alphabet
Singing numbers
We are starting a cartoon-project, which is intended to be made for children and youth, as well as for family watching. This project will spread appreciation of important values in children, such as family, friendship, love and unity.
A large production team of experienced producers and screenwriters is working on the project, which includes Ruben Tumanyan, Ruben Mkhitaryan, Karen Tsaturyan, Vardan Zadoyan, "Sahakyants Animation Studio" ՝ leding by David and Hayk Sahakyants and others.
Chief Media Producer of the project is Gagik Buniatyan.
Duration: 75mins
Work on the project will be completed in March 2020
Premiere: end of May 2020
Enter - Mult teaser 2
Enter - Mult teaser 1
The actions take place in an ordinary apartment… The parents go out, their son is entrusted to look after his little sister.
The boy was worried,because the girl next door, who is of his age would come to watch a cartoon together. While the boy was thinking how to confess his love to her, he heard the door rang. The girl was standing behind the open door with her chubby brother ,he was holding a big sandwich in his one hand, in another one there was a carrot. Alert sounds were heard from the street, the boy goes to the balcony and sees that the guy living in the neighbourhood,who always wanted to become a rapper and usually behaved himself that way, was hitting the cars with his legs, turning the signaling system on.
After a small debate he leaves the balcony, to go outside and bring the rapper to mind,but,at that very moment his sister reaching to the computer begins downloading an unknown program. Everybody runs to the baby to cancel the process, but the sausage from inside the sandwich falls on the "ENTER" button and all of them appear in the game, becoming animated characters. At that time the rapper boy,not waiting for the other guy to come, rushes upstairs and not finding anyone, approaches to the computer. He sees on the screen a text like this- " To start the game,please press ENTER". He presses the button and appears in the game.
The children appear in a dark room, in the center of which there was a shining door, with buttons to enter a PASSWORD. Here, they're welcomed by two carrot-shaped characters,and from somewhere far away they hear a voice giving them instructions to the game. They have to pass a quest, consisting of 10 rounds to find the password and go back home, but the carrots will be bothering them all the time.
The quests are taking place in different weather conditions, geographic areas, even in space. Overcoming all the hardships the kids appear at home, having gained new knowledge and values.
They change for the better, understand the importance of values such as friendship, unity, family, holding a helping hand and love.
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